Strategic and investment consulting

ENA has a long-term experience with assessment of market competitiveness of all types of fuel and energy in a given market and legislative environment.  ENA provides its services to all big players in individual branches of the energy industry, gas industry, heat production, coal and oil industries.

Reports focused on evaluation of efficiency of specific investment made in the energy industry are a significant part of  ENA’s activity. The development of prices, interest rates and currency exchange rates, of inflation and capital markets and so on are the basic input materials for a broader economic analysis. ENA offers economic assessments of individual options and their comparison on the basis of internationally accepted methods of discounted cash flow. Individual investment option are compared on the basis of criteria such as the net present value, internal rate of return, payback period, minimum production price, alternatively maximum fuel price, under which the investment project is not loss-making yet. Dependency of results on changes in input parameters (prices, rates etc) is tested by sensitivity analysis which enables a higher level of objectivity in cases of input changes in long-term outlook.

In view of the growing emphasis on ecological parameters of investment this aspect too is thus included in the project assessment. Taxes and fees imposed by ecological legislation, including the expected changes are also a part of the economic assessment. ENA is ready to provide such economic and ecological project assessment which is understandable for the client, explaining all not so well known terminology. The result can be submitted to domestic financial institutions or foreign partners.

Reports are accompanied, if clients wish, by project consultations focusing above all on pre-investment phase (scouting, pre-feasibility and feasibility study).