Cogeneration and other projects for industry and municipalities

In the area of „conventional energy“ based on the utilization of coal and natural gas, ENA  services range from assessment of efficiency of operating systems and evaluation of alternative options of energy production, energy saving solutions and optimization of systems of heat supply, to suggestions of possible deployment of cogeneration. ENA prepares strategic and feasibility studies on fuel switch, in particular aiming at  coal-burning sources. ENA offers also technical supervision of projects during their construction, assessment of completed projects for investors or project due-diligence, supervision and certification for financial institutions.

We also offer consulting services to operators of heat generating sources (apartment buildings, block boiler rooms, district heating networks, industrial producers of individual types of energy, heat generating companies, and also to project investors and developers as well as to banks and other financing institutions

Our specialist and expert background is based on the practical experience and the know-how gained in the area of industrial energy production and heat generation. We always view projects in the wider context. Above all while taking into consideration legislative aspects and the considerable knowledge ENA has in the sphere of development of fuel prices.

The services offered in “conventional energy” consulting include above all:

  • Strategic consulting, concept and technical research studies and introductory project assessment of heat and power sources.
  • Feasibility studies, technical and economic assessment aiming at selection of the best option.
  • Assessment of replacement of existing sources, technical and economic assessment of deployment of cogeneration of units.
  • Technical due-diligence of projects at all stages of preparation and operation..
  • Technical supervision in implementation of cogeneration projects, drawing certification for financing institutions, certification of project completion and putting into operation to be used by financing institutions.
  • Energy audit of projects according to legislative requirements approved by an authorized person
  • Financial analysis of projects and business plans of projects.