Marketing studies and other services

ENA’s detailed knowledge of the Central European energy markets, technology and raw material suppliers is the basis for marketing activities. The establishment of new business contacts, in a time of frequent changes in organization and management and rapid development of markets, is difficult and risky. The well prepared marketing study, evaluating the current market situation and further development of demand and supply, can help ENA’s clients to identify the risk and to reduce its level.

ENA can prepare proposals for business meetings and strategies, presentations of the companies and their offers, seminars or direct representation. Personal contacts and the professional reputation of the management of ENA will assure the best possible access in the Czech and Slovak business worlds.

ENA as a well known consulting company often cooperates with mass media. Therefore ENA can provide important support in public relations. ENA is offering its services in arranging advertising in the local media, recommending the most effective advertising approach, or other form of accelerating the success of the client in the marketplace.