Energy prices and contracts

Energy prices represent the basic input in all economic assessment from the calculation of economic efficiency to the proposal of future strategy of company development and company value. ENA focuses on the issue of prices of all basic energy media that is on prices and tariffs of natural gas, electricity, centralized heat, oil and coal including derived products. Reports can be written with the focus on one selected product only or on a selected combination (for example coal versus gas) alternatively, it is possible to offer a comprehensive report assessing price development of all types of energy with the emphasis on their links and relations. The expected price development is analysed on the basis of source availability (domestic sources, import possibility), development of global prices, cost of domestic production, consumption forecast and other factors which together determine the domestic price level. The long-term cooperation between ENA and the ERU regulator is an important reference in proposed regulated segments of prices of electricity and gas.

In view of the intense development and frequent changes of fuel prices, ENA provides continuous information and consultation on service on prices.

With the development of market environment in energy industry, consumers’ interest increases in ENA’s expert assistance in organizing of tenders on supplies of all types of energy, their evaluation and subsequent optimization of contractual relations. ENA has been cooperating for a long time with large energy consumers individually, as well as in the framework of SVSE (Association of large energy consumers).

ENA has cooperated in concluding international contracts on transit, storage and import of gas to various states of central Europe worth annually billions of EUR. ENA is the only company in central Europe with a detailed knowledge and practical experience in international gas contracts. In this respect it has cooperated, for example, with clients in Bulgaria and Poland.

ENA has prepared a number of expert assessment for international arbitration courts in Stockholm and Vienna dealing with gas contract disputes. ENA has also cooperated with the government commission tasked with drafting the state energy concept of the CR, in long-term forecasts of development of prices of all energy commodities and is continuously engaged in creation of  material for professional associations and state bodies in this sphere.