About ENA

ENA Ltd. – Energy Analyses was founded in 1992 as a specialized consulting firm serving mainly the energy industry. The aim of the company is to offer highly professional services for Czech clients and, simultaneously, to help foreign clients to enter Central and East European energy markets.

ENA Ltd. is an independent company without any capital share of other domestic or foreign companies. It allows ENA to act unbiasly in the best interest of its clients. The wide spectrum of ENA’s activities in energy sector is possible only due to the high level of experience and expertise not only in specific areas of research, but also in the practical field. The team on any project is always selected according to specific requirements and needs. This practice allows ENA to be flexible, to fully satisfy any client’s needs, and to keep services to the client cost-effective. Through cooperation, it is possible to bring the technical and economic analyses and studies performed by ENA from the report level to actual realization.

ENA‘s clients are almost all significant Czech and Slovak energy companies, big industrial enterprises, governmental institutions and many foreign companies, see list of main clients.

ENA belongs to internationally recognized consulting companies. ENA’s experts cooperate with international institutions including international arbitration tribunals and actively participate in international conferences, see list of references. ENA as a well known consulting company often cooperates with mass media. ENA is the most often quoted consulting company in the Czech Republic, therefore ENA can provide important support in public relations and marketing activities. ENA also regularly cooperates with many professional associations, as the Association of Energy Managers and the Association of Large Energy Consumers in the Czech Republic. ENA is a member of the Czech Gas UnionCzech Gas Association, COGEN Czech and the Association of Energy Auditors.